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Aeroxchange Conference 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Eight people sat together at lunch, their accents indicated that they were from very different parts of the world. Despite the distances they live from each other, their conversations indicated that they have all been friends for a long time now.

The annual Aeroxchange conference brings people together who are in the aerospace industry. Leaders, innovators and friends meet yet again to strengthen the industry’s internal collaboration. These friendly competitors, as defined by one of the people sitting at the lunch table, work together to solve issues and streamline the industry that brings the rest of the world together.

Within this, there is a strong community.

“We all somehow know each other here, and when it’s been years that we have seen each other, the moment we meet again is like no time has passed,” said one of the attendees.

“This work challenges me to be better in all aspects of my career, it keeps me going to know that I am a part of an inclusive and important industry,” said another.

Across the way, Huntington Beach shined under the Californian sun, a perfect afternoon for attendees to network and share new ideas. The Aeroxchange platform has seen growth through recent times, and attendance to the annual conference has grown as well. Expecting this industry to continue to innovate and grow worldwide is a sign of further connections and collaborations finding progress.

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