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The most popular service for social media right now!


Orange County's #1 360 Photo Booth

The most popular service for social media right now! Get more people in on the action with this 360 camera booth.  360 photo booth machine can make 360-degree panoramic rotating video of action for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more! 

360 Photo Booth

Unlimited 360 videos

Includes attendant to assist guests


2 hours = $800

3 hours = $1000

4 hours = $1200

Ask about red carpet, golf stanchions, bubble guns, money guns, masks, and additional props!

The 360 Photo Booth is an experience designed to capture 360° high-resolution videos. Event guests step on a platform where a camera attached to a revolving mechanical arm rotates at high speeds 360 degrees around your guests. While rotating, it uses programmatic movements and captures videos of up to 120 frames per second which OC Event Photos cloud-based platform processes instantly using proprietary AI technologies.


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