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Women of Influence 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Keynote speaker Michelle Wulfstieg, 2020 Women of Influence
Keynote speaker Michelle Wulfstieg

“Be brave, be bold and become all that you were created to be,” said Michelle Wulfstieg, keynote speaker of the Greater Irvine Chamber 2020 Women of Influence forum. We asked attendees of the conference to tell us how about their own way of being bold, brave and all that they were created to be in their life and/or career. Here are their words:

“When my brother passed away I found myself to be inspired by his life, inspired to be my best and to never be afraid or let others’ opinions bring me down.” Destinee Alderete

“It is important to understand that we all go through tough times and sometimes those are beyond our control. I know that we can control our responses though, and I push myself to be better through that. I encourage everyone to do what they want to, but when asked if you want to be better, always choose to be better.” Kristina Favela

“My way of being is defined by constant learning. I look at what I do, in my career and life, and always ask, ‘How can I better this? How can I do this differently than others?’ Let us push ourselves towards betterment.” Michelle Zientek

“We should go through life with love. I do my best to inflict love onto those around me, in any situation. We never really know what people are going through, so love can always be an answer.” Magdalena Gomez

“I remember that we are created in god’s image. Through life we should glorify him, help people who need it and serve those around us. We should be a light to others, bring joy into what we do because attitude is contagious. Another important thing is to be able to meet people where they are at. We never know what someone is going through.” Mandi Morgan

“My way of being is to say yes to opportunities that are presented to me. Saying yes despite feelings of apprehension in situations; I have the confidence to go forward on my path.” Paige Glasser

“Firstly, putting myself out there, recognizing moments as they present themselves and being present. Those three things are my way of being, and I pair those with moving forward with moments that are presented.” Liz Witt

“I think it’s important to not do things for your personal gain but to do things for the benefit of others. Selfless acts lead to opportunities.” Hanna Petersen

This was the 7th Annual Women of Influence conference.

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