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Essential Checklist For Hiring A Corporate Event Photographer

Your event is of the highest importance to you and the guests. From food, to venue, to scheduling and floor mapping, everything is so incredibly important. However, once all is said and done, you want to be able to showcase all of the amazing and hard work that went into putting on a high-caliber event. None of that will be apparent unless you hire the right photographer.

We wanted to make the search a bit easier so that you have some knowledge into what is essential to know when hiring a corporate photographer or photography team. Here are our 7 key indicators that the photographer you are choosing is the right one.

1. The photographer specializes in corporate event photography. A possible question to pose during your initial conversation could be asking about how many corporate events they photograph per year.

2. The photographer has an outstanding portfolio or website that is specific to corporate event photography. The website should have many different types of shots. Close-ups, wide crowd shots, set ups, headshots, stage speakers, candids, and most importantly: creative angles!

3. The photographer gives you unlimited usage rights to the images. You want to be able to use the photos from your event in any way your brand needs to.

4. The photographer is easily reached prior to the event in case of last minute changes. You should be able to establish clear and consistent communication methods with the photographer. We understand that changes happen along the planning stages, so this is crucial!

5. The photographer knows the importance of dressing for the occasion. Different events call for different attire, the photographer, as well as their team, should know and abide by the dress code.

6.The photographer’s delivery methods are clear and satisfy your needs.

7. You feel safe signing their contract.

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