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The Importance of Backup Equipment

Whether you are the event coordinator, the company who is putting on the event, or even one of the speakers, one thing is certain after the event is over: you want to see it shared online tomorrow or even on the same day. As professional photographers and videographers, we are there to ensure that the event is shareable after the fact. Peace of mind is of the highest importance during your event’s course, as it lets you focus on whatever it is that you need to get done. 

The last thing you’d need is to receive an email the next morning saying that the photographer’s gear failed and there was no other camera they had with them.

That is more than a catastrophe.

Thankfully, we at OC Event Photos understand the importance of backup equipment! All of our equipment is industry-standard and is constantly checked for any flaws, which we are sure to improve. All of our photographers have back up equipment, from an extra camera to an extra battery, we are prepared.

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