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Photographing "Togetherness"

First and foremost, this was an especially unique event to photograph on behalf of OC Event Photos. A step away from the usual mix of corporate events, this family event celebrated life at a very early year, in fact, the first year of it.

Helen’s first birthday featured floral arrangements, a three-layered cake, and Helen with her unicorn horn. Her loving parents and relatives celebrated her life through embraces, kisses, and smiles.

A complete difference between photographing corporate events and family events are the types of moments that the photographer is present for. Corporate events, for the most part, still maintain the workplace-style discourse and attitudes, but family events bring out the closeness and affection between kin; it is a warmer side to people’s emotions.

Naturally, these emotions play out well in photographs. My particular favorites are the moments when Helen feeds macaroons to her guests, because who could resist a macaroon handed from a 1 year old? Wholesome moments can be seen throughout the evening, especially when the family broke bread together. The room filled with laughs, cheers and conversations. Jordan and I spoke briefly towards the end of the time I was there. He seemed to want to connect with everyone at the party, including the photographer, which is always a welcoming feeling as a photographer.

“Togetherness” is what I would call Helen’s first birthday party, and I am sure she will see that in the images when she is older and can look back on these memories with her family.

For the full gallery, check out the link here!

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