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D'USSÉ: Creating Culture

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

D'USSE XO Corporate Event Photography by OC Event Photos

“The secret to making good cognac is to have a grandfather who made good cognac,” said Michel Cassavechia, the Cellar Master of the Château de Cognac.

One of the most interesting ideas I have always been fond of is how culture transcends time through authentic food and drink recipes. That is, the foods we eat all have their origins, the drinks we drink carry their own traditions-- dining and drinking is more than just a part of life, it is a part of our humanity. D’USSÉ is a prime example of these ideas.

The tasting of the newly released cognac was accompanied by a presentation on where the liquor comes from. The maker himself, Michel Cassavechia, and D’USSÉ’s Sales and Marketing Director, Phillippe Jouhaud, informed their distributors of the origins of their cognac. Hailing from the Château de Cognac, its crafting has been passed down from generations of improving and perfecting the process. Michel, who gave his presentation in French, entertained the minds of the distributors with information on the culture of cognac, the idea behind the new liquor, and the process of crafting it. He spoke proudly and profoundly of his latest creation.

Phillippe Jouhaud and Michel Cassavechia

Bear with me as I shift gears here. When I photograph someone or something happening, I like to think of it as ripping a scene of reality (because that’s literally what a camera does) and taking it wherever it may go. It could be a simple portrait of anyone, an action shot of an athlete or animal, a photograph of a street scene, anything. However, once photographed, it becomes an image that defines a moment. It brings in all the elements that were present and displays them all at the same time.

Having photographed this event was photographing the culture of D’USSÉ. Everyone who was present has played a part in allowing everyone else to have a taste of the culture. In a sense, they have passed the tradition down to everyone else. It’s a more fulfilling experience to eat or drink something when you know where it comes from. It’s a way of connecting with others.

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