Photographer Ranks

Events 1-10


Associate is a rank given to new members in training to see if we are a good fit. This is an educational period.

Events 11-50

Apprentice - $20/h

Training stages by a Master Photographer. Must own their own camera & drop off their RAW images after every event.

Events 51-100

Magician - $30/h

Has own transportation, a DSLR camera, 24-70mm lens or equivalent, speedlight and two memory cards. Drops off their RAW images after every event.

Events 100+

Wizard - $60/h

A wizard is capable of photographing in any situation without guidance and has over 100 events of experience under their cape. A wizard has multiple lenses and lights and also is able to edit their images (must undergo training)

Events 500+

Master - $100/h

A master photographer has 500+ events under their belt, over 5 years of experience photographing events, multiple camera and lenses, and has trained other photographers for 100+ hours.